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I'm Heather, a writer and editor who specializes in magazine writing and faith-based pieces.

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The generation that will end slavery

"Teenagers are willing to do something about the things that matter to them. They change their Instagram bios to reflect their current passions. They’ll wear a bracelet from a concert until it falls off. They’ll plaster their Hydroflask with stickers that each have a backstory." | Dressember Foundation

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Interview with "Ships in the Night" singer Mat Kearney

"If Mat Kearney knows he’s famous, he certainly doesn’t act like it." | The Chimes newspaper

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5 ways to get the most out of living with your parents

"You probably swore it would never happen — you would always scrape up enough funds to continue living on your own after college. But here you are, watching a reality dance competition show with your mom on a Saturday night after a home-cooked meal ..." | Converge Magazine

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Torch radio ignited after four years of silence

"He eagerly jumped on board to oversee sports broadcasting for the radio that would soon be on air. Or so he was told." | The Chimes newspaper

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Atheist and biblical studies professor co-author book

"While most theological debates on Facebook end in inflated egos and insulting language, the debate between Yara Brighton, an ex-Christian, and biblical studies professor Thaddeus Williams, an ex-atheist, ended in the publication of a book." | The Chimes newspaper

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Four ways to lavishly love your friends year-round

"Send her an encouraging card via snail mail, ... text her when a funny GIF makes you think of her, or offer to scratch her head during a movie (honestly, is there anything better than a good head scratch? Absolutely not)." | Luminosity Magazine

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College students serve the homeless by donating cafeteria meals

"All across the dingy church basement, Biolans paired off with the homeless, the students’ crisp clothing in sharp contrast to the perpetually unwashed layers donned by the poor." | The Chimes newspaper

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Companies I've worked with

Growth Machine
Managing Editor (current)

Saddleback Church
Communication and Small Groups Coordinator for High School Ministry

Biola University

Dressember Foundation

Darling Magazine
Editorial Intern

Converge Magazine

Download Youth Ministry
Copy Editor

Social Media Manager

Context TV




B.A. Communication Studies, biblical studies minor
Biola University



AP Style

Social media marketing


Improv comedy

Public speaking

Copy editing






About Heather

Heather Leith is a writer based in Orange County, California who specializes in magazines, features writing, social media and copy editing. She latched onto the blogging trend in junior high and never looked back. She's worked as a professional blogger, copy editor, features editor, social media manager, editor-in-chief and youth minister. Oh, and she was a killer waitress.

Heather's love for people and obsession over the tiniest details keep her coming back to a blank page and a full tape recorder over and over. She loves a good profile piece and has had the pleasure of interviewing people like Mat Kearney and Rick Warren.

Heather is an Enneagram 7, an ESFP and a youngest child, a combination that means she feels most at home on a stage with a microphone in hand. Her Shakira and Avril impressions are legendary on the karaoke circuits. She's currently honing her Britney.


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